Rinse Cycle Rejoicing!


Rinse Cycle Rejoicing!

Written and Illustrated by Bonnie Compton Hanson

Published by Langmarc Publishing

How many hit songs do you know about the joys of housework? You know, that hilarious fun of cleaning up after puppies, scrubbing bathrooms, changing diapers, emptying vacuum cleaners, scouring pots, and all the rest? Yet keeping our living spaces sanitary, organized, and inviting is a skill that you can not only take pride in but actually enjoy. And fun beats poor-pity-me any old time! Indeed, God planned for housework to not only meet your family's needs, but to be a blessing to your whole family.

So to help you get a handle on how to do it all and still have a "real life," here's a humorous but inspirational handbook just for you. It's full of handy, tested tips covering everything from dust to diapers to deciding what's really important. A can-do as much as a how-to, it's packed with pats on the back, jokes, stories, and related Bible verses. After all, women in the Bible had chores to do, too. Imagine living in the desert for 40 years; talk about the kids tracking in sand!

Each chapter represents one day in this 30-day program of practical and spiritual helps covering the entire range of housework activities, managing a houseful of children and maybe an outside job as well—and still keeping your smile, health, and joy.


"Rinse Cycle Rejoicing!" is available at Langmarc.com and Amazon.com.


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